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Read testimonials from Dr. Oscar Tendero's patients about his treatments in hip surgery and sarcoma surgery.

My mother was treated by Dr. Tendero for a sarcoma in the leg. From the beginning he gave us confidence and security. The unsurpassed human treatment and the doctor too. My mother has been sick and pain free for 5 years.

Hijo de paciente de sarcoma

The best traumatologist on the island, for his professionalism and for being a beautiful person. He is attentive, close and kind to his patients. My experience was very good and I recommend it 100%.


I have been in your query for a sciatica problem. His unbeatable treatment and a good professional. Thanks Dr Oscar Tendero.

María Rosa

I had to operate on the left knee and I am very grateful to Dr. Tendero because he has worked out very well and is an excellent doctor.


An impeccable professional, the best traumatologist without a doubt. Sport is my life and I had a hip osteoarthritis. He operated on a hip replacement with 49 years. My life changed. A month it was already 80 km by bike and 2,000 m swimming.


Excellent treatment. Great professional. Highly recommended.

J.C. (Top Doctors)

From the first moment everything has been perfect in terms of treatment, time and overall quality of service. At the time, the diagnosis was precise and clear.

J.L. (Top Doctors)

For me, Dr. Óscar Tendero is a "10", he attends to you very humanely and gives you all kinds of explanations. He is a great professional with a total vocation.

A.S. (Top Doctors)

Dr Tendero is an excellent professional, he quickly detected the injury and provided advice and possible solutions.

A.F. (Top Doctors)

Very personal and humane treatment, for us he is an excellent doctor. The girl is happy that he operated on her. He operated on her on 12/5/20 and she is now without crutches. Thank you.

X.G. (Top Doctors)