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A sarcoma is a neoplasm of mesenchymal origin and malignant nature that is born in the connective tissue of the organism: bone, muscles, tendons, subcutaneous fatty tissue, etc.

Fortunately, they are rare lesions since only 1% of soft tissue tumors ("lumps" as people popularly call them), are really sarcomas.


These are difficult to treat injuries that require multidisciplinary management:

  • oncologists,
  • expert radiologists in musculoskeletal apparatus,
  • Radiotherapist pathologists, and, of course,
  • a surgeon expert in sarcomas.


And with advanced plastic surgery equipment it is possible to perform high-level reconstructions, reducing cases of amputation to really extreme exceptions.

Contact Dr. Óscar Tendero in Mallorca and find out what services we can offer you in sarcoma surgery.