Hip fractures

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The increase in life expectancy in our society makes various diseases increasingly common. Osteoporosis is one of these diseases, being considered a true epidemic of the 21st century. Hip fracture represents perhaps the worst complication of osteoporosis in terms of morbidity and mortality.

Types of hip fracture

Hip fractures usually occur in the region of the femoral neck. However, there are other areas of the femur that can also be broken. Knowing what type of hip fracture the patient suffered is important because the treatment and the incidence of complications change according to the anatomical site of fracture.

  • Fractures of the neck and the femoral head are called intracapsular fractures

  • Fractures that occur below the femoral neck are called extracapsular fractures.

Intracapsular fractures tend to have higher complication rates because the neck and head región of the femur are naturally less vascularized. When a fracture occurs in this región, there is a great risk if interruption of blood flow, which not only makes it difficult for the bone to heal, but also increases the risk of necrosis and, consequently, degenerative changes in the femoral head.

Treatment of hip fractures

The treatment is normally surgical. The sooner it is performed, the less risk of complications there will be. The surgical technique will vary depending on the patient’s age and the type of fracture. In general, the surgery can consist of osteosynthesis (reconstruction of the bone with plates or pins) or placement of a total hip prothesis


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